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Do I have to commit to 6 Months?

Answer:  Not at all.  I highly recommend the 6 Month TRUE Health and Wellness Program to all NEW clients.  It is not a requirement to work with me.  My passion is true sustainable "diet" and lifestyle change.  The only way to get there is to commit and put the work in on all levels.  I have personal experience with this.  


Do you take insurance?

Answer:  No.  I do not.  Although I am a National Board Holistic Practitioner and Certified Health Coach, I do not diagnose or prescribe, so, therefore I am unable to bill insurance directly for my services.  The American Medical Association does recognize and support the services Holistic Integrative Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Coaches offer and recommends that there be at least 1 in every Primary Care office.   I can give you all the documentation needed to possibly get reimbursed by your insurance through your health and wellness benefits, Flexible Spending, or HSA.    A letter from your primary care doctor may also help to get you reimbursed as well.  Always remember, investing in your health is the wisest investment you will ever make.  You will get a 100% ROI.  You get out of it what you put into it.   I have multiple price points which allows me to help just about anyone.  Be sure to looks at all options when deciding.


Are there any "products" to buy or "hidden costs"?

Answer:   Not at all.  No packaged foods, supplements, essential oils, etc.  That is what makes me different from others that call themselves a "health coach" and even other Certified Health and Wellness Coaches.  They often have products to sell .  Not me.  Full transparency here!  My "product" is priceless transformation that is 100% client dependent!   Clients get a 100% ROI.  In other words, whatever they put in, they will get in return.  It's that simple.   I am passionate about real whole food first (minus the unnecessary chemicals, of course) and having the right mindset.  I do share recommendations based on my research and experience along my journey.  I also encourage all clients to do their own research as well, even on my recommendations.  I believe we can never be too informed. 

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