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“Everyone has a doctor in him or her.  We just have to help it in its work. 

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


While studying nutrition, health, and wellness for the last 6+ years, as part of my personal journey to take back control of my health, I have come to believe 2 things:  that TRUE health and wellness is not just about the food on the plate (SECONDARY foods) and that PRIMARY foods (food off the plate) and SECONDARY food should be looked at TOGETHER rather than separately.  The more PRIMARY food we receive (in other words, the more fulfilled we are here), the LESS we DEPEND on SECONDARY food to meet our needs.  In addition, the more we nourish ourselves with SECONDARY food (often the less nutritious kind), the less we are able to receive the PRIMARY food of LIFE and therefore we end up SURVIVING instead of THRIVING.

I am a champion for TRUE health and wellness so am very passionate to empower others to take control of their health in order to make the lifestyle changes needed to reach their health and wellness goals no matter where they are on their journey.    I believe it is NEVER TOO LATE.  My philosophy is simple:  If given half a chance, the body will heal itself by itself.  We really are in control of more of our health than we realize and the mind and “food” are so very powerful in preventing and reversing acute and chronic disease.   I take a bio-individual approach when it comes to determining food plans, help clients dig into PRIMARY and SECONDARY food connections, and help them shift to more positive mindsets such as “Adding in to Crowd out.” Most importantly, clients learn what they already know, which is how to heal their bodies by themselves by “listening” to the clues and giving it what it needs because no one knows our bodies better than ourselves.  We are truly our best doctor.

Each client I work with takes full responsibility and accountability for healing their body and with this approach I believe it leads to long term success where they are thriving and not being held back from anything they want to do.  Clients shift their mindset and invest in their health on multiple levels and make it a priority EVERY DAY.  Over time they begin to view their health/body as the vehicle to becoming the best version of themselves for themselves and everyone in their life.

I am forever humble and grateful for past and current clients who have trusted and included me as their health coach on their TRUE health and wellness journey.  I look forward to being a part of yours if you too will have me when the timing is right.  The beautiful transformations that I have the privilege to witness are absolutely what fuel my passion each day.




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